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The formation of gangs has become an issue for America, as this has the potential to increase crime statistics, which can have devastating effects on the economy. The word gang is thought of synonymously with violence. So the the question maybe asked, what is a gang? A Gang is defined by TheFreeDictionary by Farlex (2014), as “a group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.” Gangs are not unfamiliar to the United States, and are not endemic to the United States either. Gang formation is world wide and is seen across different cultures. Reportely the first active gang in western civilization existed during the 17th century in England (Howell and Moore, 2010). It is said that the rise of gangs in American…show more content…
The name was taken on after a speech by Seaga in which he promised that: Blessings will shower from the sky and money going jingle in your pockets. (Jamaica Observer, 2009). The shower posse gang was initially headed by Claudius Massop and Carl 'Byah' Mitchell (Jamaica Observer, 2009). Mitchell and Massop died a year a part Mitchell died in 1978 from brain hemorrhage caused by narcotics overdose and Massop died in 1979 in a ‘gun battle’ with law enforcement (Jamaica Observer, 2009). The death of Lester Coke’s mentors led to the rise of the Cokes Empire. Lester Coke and Vivian Blake were the two leading figures in the Shower Posse gang. Blake was responsible for the US-based operations of the gang, while Lester Coke was responsible for keeping things together locally (Jamaica Observer, 2009). The shower posse gang as the years progressed had extended across North America and United Kingdom. They had become almost untouchable to local politician who was instrumental in their rise. The vast earning from illegal smuggling had made them independent; therefore they no longer required assistance from…show more content…
With the Shower posse gang in full operation in the United States, they became nuisance to the US federal government. The shower posse was accused of thosands gruesome drug related murders. The US federal government now started to sort after the leaders of the shower posse gang. “In 1990, Lester Coke, who, along with Blake and several other leading members of the Shower Posse, was indicted by the US Department of Justice, was arrested by the Jamaican Government” (Jamaica Observer, 2009). Lester Coke was ordered to be extradited. In 1992 while awaiting extradition in prison his son Mark “Jah T” Coke ‘heir to the throne’ was killed and weeks later Lester Coke was killed in a mysterious fire in his cell at the General Penitentiary (Jamaica Observer,

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