The Shrew Movie Vs Play

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Towards the end of “10 Things I Hate About You” Katherina’s High School hosted a prom, while the play “The Taming Of The Shrew” hosted a wedding for Katherine & Petruchio. I found this connection quickly because it was so obvious, I mean the events are towards the end plus they’re basically almost the same thing, but what happens during both of the events? In the movie, Katherina found out that Patrick Verona was actually doing a bet with Joey & didn’t like her (he does fall in love with her during the bet), also Patrick did the performance on the bleachers with the money he got from the bet. Now, in the play, Petruchio was late to his own wedding, making Katherine think that he’s with other women, later on Petruchio comes looking like a mess…show more content…
For example Patrick Verona was overly nice, trying to get Katherina’s attention because of the bet, Petruchio did the same thing except there was no bet involved, Petruchio was flirting at first, saying “sweet” things to her. Another similarity they both have is the reason why they were both trying to tame the “shrew”, as it said above, Patrick was taming Katherina because of a bet he made, Patrick basically wanted the money and asked for a larger amount of cash as the bet went along. In the play Petruchio was planning to marry Katherine because of the amount of money she and her family owned, but he made it seemed that he was really in love with her in the beginning when he met Baptista. Before Petruchio went to meet Baptista & Katherine, he was talking to Hortensio & Grumio on planning to marry Katherine because of wealth & other stuff, in the middle of that conversation Hortensio offered to go with him to meet Baptista since the rule of marrying Bianca (Katherine’s sister) was she was not allowed to marry anyone until Katherine found a man first and married him, so Hortensio wanted to go with Petruchio tp approach that moment he had after Hortensio asks Baptista to be with his daughter,
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