The Shrew Themes

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The “Taming of the Shrew” and “Ten Things I Hate About You” are very different movies but they convey similar themes about love and money. The Taming Of The Shrew is a story of how a man falls in love with a beautiful girl. The problem in this is that the sister of this girl is a shrew. The sister is vile and cruel with no ambitions of getting married like all other girls in that era. Likewise in Ten Things, the female protagonist, Kat is quite opinionated and feminist. These negative representations of women can be seen two ways, as merely comical or as an exercise in misogyny.When viewing these films, I could see both perspectives;however, I took an invited reading of the text and mostly laughed at the journey of love presented. “The taming…show more content…
Some symbols would be when Katherina is made to ride a donkey after her being wed to Pertrucio, this is a symbol that Kate is now dependent and in the control of Pertrucio. Another symbol would be when Pertrucio was in a ridiculous outfit for the wedding, he was first mocking Kate by coming late to the wedding and by making her look ridiculous when he kept making jokes at her expense, this shows that kate was completley in the control of pertrucio and couldnt do anything about it. The main themes of “the taming of the shrew” are Love and humour. These themes are shown all throughout the movie, an example of comedy would be when Pertrucion shows up to the wedding in ridiculous clothing , another example would be when Pertrucio is chasing Kate around the house. An example of love would be when Luccentio first sees Bianca and is speechless by her beuty, another would be at the end of the movie when kate shows that she is loyal to Pertrucio by coming when she was called. I think that the themes are constantly shown in the play and their are many other
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