The Siege Of Krishnapur Analysis

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The Siege of Krishnapur - J. G. Farrell “Sun never set in British empire” was once a belief amongst various British rulers during a period of mid-18th century to early 20th century. But no! That belief came to an end by revolt against them at various places across the globe. India was also one of those countries which was under British raj during the period. No wonder how but there emerged a spark of revolt amongst Indians at various places of the country like Delhi, Meerut, etc. the spark in no less period of time grew to a fire and was spread almost to each and every part of the north India. The main reason found out for such a high scale revolt was the idea of colonialism and discipline and the enforcement of western culture style and architecture which Britishers tried to impose on the natives of India. One reason according to author can also be that Britishers never ever tried to understand the Indians, the people on whom they were ruling. They just imposed their orders on the Indians and expected them to follow it, which after a sufficient period of time hurt the feelings of people of India and made them realise that Britishers were just dominating them in their own mother land. Krishnapur is also one of the fictional place of such places where the author have tried to capture and describe about the mutiny and revolt which the natives did against the British rulers. The British rule in Krishnapur divided the village into two different parts via an already existing

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