The Significance Of Curzon In Laurie Halse Anderson's Forge

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The Significance of Eben In the book, Forge, by Laurie Halse Anderson, Eben is very important to Curzon and the plot of the book. As Curzon tries to survive in the Revolutionary War, Eben, one of Curzon’s closest friends, helps Curzon and Isabel escape from their owner despite the consequences. He portrays the racism and injustice that slaves receive because of their skin color as well. Although Eben and Curzon fight about Eben’s originally naive views about slaves, Eben is presented as a true friend in the mind of Curzon for everything that he does for him. In the beginning of the book, Eben depicts how all men who are not slaves do not understand how hard the life of a slave truly is. At first, Eben and Curzon have a fight about the…show more content…
He helps to cover for Curzon as Trumbull, Curzon’s former boss, accuses Curzon of stealing his valuable spoons. As Eben goes to get Curzon’s bag, he takes the spoons out of Curzon’s bag to cover for him despite his curiosity as to why Curzon has them. Later, Eben confronts Curzon and Curzon explains that Trumbull owes him a lot of money, which is why he took Trumbull’s spoons to get even with him. Curzon explains how grateful he is to have Eben as a friend. Eben displays the qualities of a true friend by giving Curzon a chance to explain why he has the spoons before making assumptions, which saves Curzon from getting into a lot of trouble. Eben helps Curzon again when John Burns, one of the other soldiers at Valley Forge, bullies Curzon. Eben stands up for Curzon when Burns calls Curzon a runaway slave by saying, “‘He’s not, you clodpate!” (56). Additionally, everyone at Valley Forge is starving because the colonies don’t have enough money to feed their soldiers properly. When Eben steals a pumpkin from Burns, he shares it with everyone in his tent despite the fact that he is very hungry. Eben knows that it is only right to let everyone have a ration of his pumpkin because they are all starving, showing his compassion and kindness. Eben helps to keep Curzon and his friends alive in many ways that all contribute to the plot of the…show more content…
Eben and the other soldiers are constantly trying to think of a plan to get Curzon away from Master Bellingham. For their first plan, Eben explains the plan to Curzon and tells him that he wants to help him escape, despite the consequences. Eben knows that he may receive punishment for helping Curzon escape, but it is shown that he wants to help Curzon anyway when Curzon realizes this and says, “‘I can’t let you… Anyone who helps me will earn at least fifty lashes, mebbe more’” (221). Although the first plan doesn’t work out because they don’t have enough time to set it in motion, Curzon is still extremely thankful because he feels very lucky to have a friend like Eben. He is surprised that Eben would give up so much for his freedom, asking, “‘You would do this for me?’ I[Curzon] asked. ‘Surely,’ he[Eben] answered” (221). Although their first plan was not a success, Eben plans out another way to escape more thoroughly, because he is willing to do almost anything to help Curzon and Isabel escape. Eben shapes the story by trying to help Curzon and Isabel on their fight to freedom. Without him, the book would never end and Curzon and Isabel would not be able to escape from Master Bellingham.
In conclusion, Eben contributes to the book Forge, by Laurie Halse Anderson, in countless ways. He shows his loyalty and kindness toward
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