The Significance Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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In this essay, I will assess the significance of the Treaty of Versailles as a whole in depth. In my respective point of view, the Treaty of Versailles was significant for Germany until 1933 and this essay contains all the strong points in which have helped me to come to this final conclusion.
After the drastic events of World War 1, representatives of ‘the Big Three’ had come together at the Paris Peace conference to assemble a peace treaty for what would later be proven as Germany’s punishment for the war. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on the 28th June 1919 and along with it came the two major terms, War guilt and Reparations. The Treaty of Versailles was proven significant towards Germany for many more years after the treaty was signed due to the horrific impact these terms had on Germany. The ‘War Guilt’ clause, also known as Article 231 was the statement that shared all the blame onto Germany for having started the war. Unsurprisingly, the Germans disregarded this statement and would argue that it was considered unfair to them due to their government not being present at the Paris Peace talks and that they were being forced to accept the burden in which the treaty imposed on them without any say. ‘Diktat’ was the specific word used by the Germans at that time to illustrate this idea. What made matters even worse, however, was the fact that they also had the duty of paying for all the disaster caused by the war. Germany was entitled to pay a figure of 6,600 million
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