The Significant Change In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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In every novel there is a hero, or at least a hero figure, and in the book the reader would most of the time see a significant change in the character. In the epic “The Epic of Gilgamesh” Gilgamesh is the hero. This book is a cerise of poems that were written and based in ancient mesopotamia. These poems are based on the Gilgamesh. Many historians and english writers consider this book the first great work of literature, this book was written in the third dynasty. This epic talks about Gilgamesh and his late life, from meeting his brother Enkidu to the quest for immortality. This book has 11 tablets, till now, they are still discovering more. These tablets originated in babylon. Gilgamesh, The Great King of Uruk as displayed a remarkable and gradual change in himself. Three events have impacted and changed Gilgamesh in a profound way: meeting Enkidu, his quest to kill Humbaba, and his desire to attain immortality. In the beginning of the epic it is said multiple times that “ quote about how Gilgamesh was a bad and unwanted king”. The people of Uruk could not do anything about it, since he is considered half god and the only people that can do something about him where that gods. After the gods and goddesses gathered around they ordered that Aruru would create and equal, someone with the same amount of power as Gilgamesh so the he can balance him out. Thats how Enkidu was brought to earth. Enkidu played a major in the change of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh never actually had
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