The Significant Impact Of Modern Agriculture And Its Impact On Society

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One can easily see that information technologies have a strong impact on the world. These have attracted many fields that use these technological opportunities in other to boost work 's cost effectiveness. These fields include: Agriculture

Modern agriculture compared with traditional agriculture, in accordance with the level of development productivity of contemporary agricultural, modern agriculture is an expression of the latest developments in agriculture. It different with the way of farming in the past, modern are added some technical and work together, will more easier and convenience. The so-called modern agriculture, because it in form of advanced level in the worldwide. It refers to using modern industrial power equipment, armed with modern science and technology, with modern management theory and method of operation, make the production efficiency achieved the modern world’s advanced level of agriculture. From the beginning of the 1930s, some industrial countries such as Europe and America, for traditional agriculture, from the mechanical technology, biotechnology and management techniques these three aspects conducted a comprehensive technological transformation. Until now, completed the transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, basically achieve the agricultural modernization. Our country is in the period of transition from traditional agriculture to modern

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