The Sikh Separatist Movement

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I have selected History as my subject for extended essay. As I have lived in India for the past 17 years, it makes me inquisitive to know more about the Indian History especially during the reign of Indira Gandhi. There have been many issues post independence period. One of the most highlighted issues is the Sikh Separatist movement which led to another movement; the Blue Star Operation which took place in Punjab. This operation was led by Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India. The Khalistani Movement took place in the year 1984. It was a political nationalism movement which took place to create a separate Sikh country known as ‘Khalistan’ which means ‘The Land of The Pure’. The movement separation was going to take place in the…show more content…
This operation was ordered by the then prime minister Indira Gandhi in order to create control on the Harmandir Saheb Complex in Amritsar and eradicate Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and all his followers present in the Complex. Jarnail Singh started living in Harmandir Sahib and later on in April 1980, made it his headquarters.

There were two main components related to this operation and they were- Operation Metal and Operation Shop. Operation metal is restricted to Harmandir Sahib Complex, and Operation Shop that raided the countryside of Punjab to arrest all the suspects. After this, pious Sikhs particularly the ones who carry a Kirpan or wear a turban that is saffron in colour were the main targets by the Operation Woodrose that was launched in Punjab. This operation was done by the Indian Army troops with helicopters, tanks, armoured vehicles, tanks and chemical weapons. The number victim of Operation Blue Star was given by Kuldip Singh Brar. According to him, 83 died and 220 were injured. 492 civilians were massacred as per the official estimate presented by the Government of India. After calculating all of this, the CBI has been considered guilty for seizing the manuscripts and historical artefacts present in the Sikh Reference Library, prior to the incident when it burnt down. The action taken up by the military has created a lot of speculation between the Sikhs, all around the world and had also created a lot of panic followed by the assaults on the members who belonged to the Sikh Community living in India. Most of the Sikh soldiers who were a part of the Indian refused to obey the orders of the main authority that is the Indian Army. Some of them took action by resigning from civil administrative office while others returned their honours and awards they received from the Government of

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