The Silence Case Study

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The Silence- How addictions and stigma prevents families from escaping poverty.
Thesis statement: The foundation, on which Baby’s development was formed, was fractured before she was born. An unstable and derelict environment, paired with absence of familial support hampered Baby’s childhood development. Consequently, her understanding of social and moral values deviated from societal norms. Improved governmental programs are needed to help Jules and Baby flourish and become productive members of society.
Introduction: The predetermined conditions and ideologies that form childhood development and the stigma preventing one from escaping poverty.
I. O’Neill (2006) Baby wanted to see herself through her mother’s eyes. “I was always kind of
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o Baby is unable to develop healthy interpersonal relationships with people outside her home. o Baby is no longer welcomed at her friend’s house, because his parents said no. O’Neill (2006), “They were afraid of me of my sadness” (p. 128) o She is rejected and humiliated by the one classmate that visited her home. o Baby, struggles with moral contradiction and personal integrity. “I guess it was worth having your self-esteem destroyed if there was a free toy involved” (p.46) o Seeking the affection from wrong unsavory characters. (Alphonse). O’Neill (2006) “I was always moved when people were suddenly nice to me. I was a weakness that would lead me into some bad relationships later in life.”( p. 76)

IV. Conclusion: An unhealthy and negligent environment, paired with lack of familial support hindered Baby’s childhood development. Consequently, her understanding of values deviated from societal norms. Jules needs guidance as much as Baby does. One should not take into consideration Baby’s situation with looking at Jules; they are intricately linked to each other (O’Neill, 2006, p.71). One begs the question what can we do as a society to better facilitate the molding of our most vulnerable

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