The Silent Film: The Talkies And The Silent Era

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The Talkies And The Silent Era

Have you ever seen a movie that made you think for a while about how they made it or how long it took the actors, directors, and the film crew time and energy to produce a movie with its various components? Or how much money spent on movie essentials such as cameras, microphone, and computers to produce a movie? Producing one film only takes a great deal of thinking, energy, time, and money. Despite these costs, the film industry has been profitable since the 1920’s. This period was an era of dramatic social, historical, and political change. The stock market crashed and prohibition altered U.S history, but the movies were not affected by the market crash. Even though the entertainment industry has changed dramatically since the 1920’s, their importance remains the same. Movies started to rise and became popular during the roaring 20’s, which impacted the viewer 's opinions around the world. For example, the city of gods tells a true story of a lower class section of Rio de Janeiro; the filmmakers wanted to tie the viewers to the movie by demonstrating the cultural values. As a result, movies influenced people and affected their lives.

Films really blossomed in the 1920s. Movies became widespread businesses and huge investment totaling over 2 billion dollars. Throughout most of the 20 's, silent films were the main and the prevailing product of the film industry. However, the first movie with sound was the Jazz singer, which was
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