The Silent Storm Character Analysis

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Conflict is a serious disagreement that makes a story more interesting. There are three types of conflicts; Character vs. Nature, Character vs. Character, and Character vs. Self. In the book The Silent Storm, Alyssa is faced against a wild, rapid hurricane that makes her realize her past and makes her a stronger person. Alyssa in the beginning of the book has conflict with Aunt Melinda, who wants her to live in Houston and leave her home town. Along with all of the stress, the worst tension is the fact that she can’t speak after her mother had died and her father had went missing.

When Alyssa was younger she was trapped in a hurricane with both of her parents. Her mother died and her father went missing during this drastic time. The memory
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Whether it is dealing with her silence or dealing with Aunt Melinda, Alyssa can never get away from the anxiety that fills her brain. While in the hospital with Captain Mac she realizes that she made a promise with her father that she would keep quiet until he came back. He never did, and because of this Alyssa has been silent ever since the day she made the promise. While Captain Mac was dying, Alyssa gets the courage to talk to him and he starts to react to Alyssa. Captain Mac begins to regain health and starts getting better again. At this moment both of Alyssa’s self-conflicts are resolved.

Conflict is a powerful literary element that can change the way a story flows. In The Silent Storm Alyssa faces all three of the conflicts and it makes the book more interesting. A book would be very bland and boring if it didn’t have a focused conflict. At the end of all books the conflict is resolved and that is no different in The Silent Storm. Alyssa survives the storm, works out her differences with Aunt Melinda, and escapes both stress and silence. At the end of the book a person should feel a content feeling as they see struggling characters finally meet a
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