The Silk Road And Eurasia

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The Silk Road or Silk Route is an old system of exchange and cultural conveyance roads that were integral to cultural intercommunication through areas of the Asian landmass uniting the West and East by shippers, pioneers, ministers, fighters, migrants, and urban tenants from China and India to the Mediterranean Sea amid different durations of time (Elisseeff, 2001). The Silk Roads were well-known to link different regions and places and is crucial for the history of Eurasia. For long years, this significant road became a way for many people not only to trade but also to spread different cultures such as religion, arts and any other inventions form various regions. This research study has a purpose of identifying the relationship of Silk Roads to the most part of world, specifically to Eurasia. This paper summarizes the use of this Silk Roads and how it contributes to the different societies during its existence. Generally, this paper narrated Silk Road’s history, which is essential in a better understanding of these roads and how it became remarkable in our early history. Keywords: Silk Roads, Chinese, Central Asia, Hellenistic Era, Roman empire, Eurasia The name “Silk Roads” The Silk Road had taken its name from the lucrative Chinese silk exchange, a noteworthy purpose behind the association of exchange courses into a broad cross-country network (Elisseeff, 1998). The German expressions “Seidenstraße and Seidenstraßen” (the Silk Road/Route) were begat by
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