The Silver Chair Character Analysis

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When my dad completed his first college physics exam, he felt a rush of relief as he confidently placed his exam on the teacher’s desk. He celebrated his success by embarking on a weekend camping adventure with his friends. Returning to class the following Monday, his mouth dropped open in shock when he spotted a large letter “D” on his exam. “This can’t be right!” he exclaimed to himself as he frantically reviewed his answers. Then, he spotted a sentence at the top of the exam and sank down in despair. He forgot to follow the directions and convert a certain unit, so the answers turned out wrong because they contained the wrong unit. Now a successful doctor, my dad drills me in the significance of following directions in life. For whether a person overlooks instructions because of an accidental omission or a conscious choice, it can result in death; not just academically, but physically and spiritually.…show more content…
Distracted people have difficulty focusing and retaining information. To illustrate, scientists have substantiated people can listen faster than others can talk; therefore people get side-tracked by their own racing thoughts. When they return to the conversation, they often lose track of the discussion. Rather than admit this, they smile and pray nothing important occurred. Jill Pole from the book The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis embodies this character type. In the story, Jill receives imperative instructions from Aslan regarding a quest to rescue the lost prince of Narnia. However, she forgets the important directions due to distractions, making their quest even harder. Even though distracted people do not disregard directions purposely, their inability to follow instructions has the same consequences as someone who refuses to
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