The Similarities And Differences Between Monsterjam And Nascar

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Monsterjam and nascar are completely different from each other different sports, They are one of the most watched sports in the world two completely different time. monster jam started in 1970 with heavily modified pickup trucks the monster trucks became popular of mud bogging and truck pulling were gaining in popularity, nascar started in 1948 and established in 1959 nascar runs by points and have a championship for the title the 4 the gets to racer in get to race at home state which is the last race of the year except the four who are in the final championship round even if they don't win they have to be higher than the rest of the four championship contenders will win if they are ahead of the other three contenders for the championship.…show more content…
nascar: they are really fast have lots of rpm not as heavy and not that good of torque maybe.monsterjam and nascar and sorta similar because they both do racing sometimes monsterjam does the events at a nascar track. which sport do i like more i would have to say monsterjam even though i've been watching monsterjam about as long as i have been watching nascar the reason i like monsterjam more is because i don’t like to see the same kind of racing you are used to seeing with the short long and superspeedways that's why i like monsterjam more because they actually do stunts and do back flips, front flips, cyclones, barrel rolls and

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