The Similarities And Differences In Sharon Draper's Copper Sun

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The book Copper Sun by Sharon Draper is a great book about a girl named amarie and her journey.In the beginning she was in her peaceful village in Africa then she gets captured and put on a slave ship.Now she has been sold and is on a plantation in america but she has stayed strong and tried to do her best at everything she is told to do.she has made a couple friends so far on her journey.In the novel the settings of the plantation and her old village have many similarities and differences. There are many differences between the plantation and amaries old village, Ziavi.One of the differences is that amaries village was full of joy and happiness but there isn't really much joy or happiness at the plantation.Then another differences is that in her village amarie could come and go as she pleased but slaves weren't allowed to leave the plantation.At amaries village she had her family and besa but at the plantation all she has is teenie and polly.…show more content…
In conclusion,there were many comparisons to be made between settings in copper sun.Most people that read this book have wished it was just armaries village you read about and not the horrible ship and plantation.The book has its happy moments and it's horrible at others.This is a very realistic book about how things would have been during that
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