The Similarities And Differences Of Coca-Cola And Pepsi

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Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been competitors since their creation and are in arguably the two leading companies where the selling of beverages is concerned. Both have been in many battles and have undergone multiple changes in order to catch consumer attention and make the bigger mark. Their brands have evolved through the years and have expanded to different countries and markets. When expanding, their advertisements become broad as they have to appeal to a wide consensus. They have used multiple strategies to stay in business such as endorsements, merges, and etc. Although they have had many differences through the years, their marketing is very similar. Both of the advertisements share similarities and differences in which techniques they use.…show more content…
They know that they must have their merchandise appeal to a consensus. The Coca-Cola commercial indicate that they are trying to attract everyone, while the Pepsi commercial were trying to attract young people who have the energy to do many things. In the Coke commercial, there were people of every age group, while the Pepsi commercial only displayed young people. Both commercials also give off a sense of appealing to the average person, as the price of coke and Pepsi are cheap and is not seen as a high society drink. Particularly, the actors and actresses in the commercial also gave the impression of being normal day to day people. In addition, in the lines of their audiences, the Pepsi commercial was regional/domestic and was aimed at people who speak or understand Arabic. Notably, the advertisement continuously used the word “Yalla” which means now. You wouldn’t be able to understand it if you were not Arab or at least spoke and understood Arabic. In Actuality, both commercials are part of a campaign by the companies. The coke commercial was for a campaign called #makeithappy and the Pepsi commercial was for a campaign called ‘Yalla now’. The ‘Yalla Now’ campaign was in truth a global campaign and was made to air in Middle eastern and North African televisions. The #makeithappy campaign was an online social networking campaign. This would explain why there were so much technology based situations in the commercial.…show more content…
The ads send messages of emotion to people as they watch and this catches people attention. In the Coke commercial, a strong presence of pathos is displayed as it causes us to feel sad when we see what is happening as the people get bullied or are having a difficult time, but then it causes us to feel happy when we see the people smile. You empathize with their feelings. We ourselves know how insolent the internet can get. In the Pepsi commercial, Pathos is displayed as it causes you to cheer up while seeing the characters playing and having fun. It causes you to want to have fun as well. In both commercials, the soda is symbolism for happiness and can cause and bring happiness. Although, in the coke commercial, spilling a drink on an electric circuit will not actually bring happiness in real life as you will most likely get fired from your job, but it shows that it brings happiness in the

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