The Similarities And Differences Of Deming, Crosby And Duran

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Title: Quality gurus – Did Deming, Cosby and Duran have the same message or were they saying something different? Authors: Natalia Kruglyk Aim: To discuss the similarities and differences between Deming, Crosby and Duran. Discussion: Many managers than ever before are focusing on quality as an approach from claiming reducing costs, reducing benefit furthermore giving the clients what they want. Supervisors who start look into quality rapidly get acquainted for those masters like W. Edwards Deming, Philip B. Crosby and Joseph M. Juran – masters who have been carrying onward those message of quality for more than 30 years. Deming was an American statistician, professor, author, lecturer and quality specialist. Crosby was an American representative businessman and author. Juran was a consultant and evangelist for quality administration. Deming and Crosby are gurus Definitions of quality To Crosby, quality means “ conformance to requirements ” (Crosby, 1979) , quality is either present or not present. There is no such thing as varying levels of quality and administration must measure quality by tracking the cost of doing things wrong. Deming does not define quality in a one step process. He thinks that the quality of any product or service can only be defined by the client. Juran defines quality as “ fitness for use ”. As stated by Juran, anyone affected by service is a customer, people who deal with item when manufacturing and people who deal with the finished item. Deming
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