The Similarities Between 'And The Story Ransom Of Red Chief'

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The movie and the story “The ransom of Red Chief” is alike in many ways. It is also different. In the storybook and the movie the kidnappers need 2,000 dollars. So they set off to find Johnny. Also in the movie and story the kidnappers’ names were Bill and Sam. Red Chief gave them both nicknames which were Old Hank and Snake Eye. Bill’s name was Old Hank and Sam’s name was Snake Eye, the spy. The kidnappers had to pay Johnny’s father 250 dollars, in both the movie and in the book. Another Similarity is Bill had to ride little Johnny 90 miles, while Sam goes into town. There were also differences too. In the story the kidnappers offered the boy candy. In the movie, they put the boy in a box. Also in the movie Sam had a little
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