The Similarities Between Batman And The Joker

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Superhero vs. Supervillain

Batman and the Joker have been enemies for quite some time now. They have plenty of differences, yet also some similarities. They are the main supervillain and superhero of Gotham City. The main difference is that Batman is a protector, because his parents were brutally murdered, and Joker is a threatener, because he thinks murder and mayhem is funny. Batman was born in Gotham City, so now he protects it. Joker has an unknown place of birth, so he came to this city to threaten. One example is that both Batman and Joker’s’ bases are in Gotham city.
A similarity of Batman and the Joker is that both have deceased relatives. Batman 's parents, grandparents, uncles, and ancestors are all deceased. Jokers wife, unborn

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