The Similarities Between Communism And Socialism

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Communism and Socialism are both built on the principle that individual will contribute to society based on their own ability. Both advocate that institutions are centralized and either controlled by government or by collectives, this effectively removes private business as a producer of goods and services (Shubert & Goldstein, 2012). Under Communism individuals are rewarded depending on their need, meaning that you would be given what the government feel you need. Communism views all property as being public property and effectively there is no personal property or items held by individuals. Communist planned a unrestricted culture, deprived of order, deprived of money, deprived of private possessions, where people would toil in coordination, decide their difficulties in approachable considerations, harvest enough merchandises and facilities, and where each would donate depending on his capabilities and obtain depending on his needs(Kowalczyk, 2015). It is owned by the government and shared by the people. Socialism perceives individuals l having their individual possessions but all industrial and production capability would be jointly possessed and accomplished by consent or…show more content…
There were the wealthy elite, the middle class and the poor. Peasants class was treated poor and it appealed to those who wanted equality. During this period strike actions put a halt on production and allowed workers to demand higher wages and companies were forced to hire others in replacement to their workers if there was no production. The average European felt that Socialists and Communist should think about creating association with progressive essentials of the middle class (Kowalczyk, 2015).Socialism and communism helped fuel nationalism and militarism in the First World War. Both socialism and communism increased industrialization and female equality and took a nose dive during this

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