The Similarities Between Family And The Family In Harrison Bergeron

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The family in “Harrison Bergeron” is very separate and apart. After reading the short story, “Harrison Bergeron” I realized that the similarities out weigh the differences when comparing my my family to “Harrison Bergeron’s” family when regarding unity, parents strengths and weaknesses, and children’s talents and abilities. Staring with unity between the families. Harrison’s family is split apart, being that he isn’t with his mom and dad. Harrison is in a prison and he was ripped from his family after being immune to the blockades placed upon him by the government. In my family my older brother was pushed out of the house due to blockades created by my dad. However even after my dad pushed my brother out of the house, he and my mom still remained strong together, much like Harrison’s parents. Even though their son was ripped from there house they still keep going and don’t let it get them down. With both families parents being separated intellectually, Harrison’s father is smarter while in my family my mother is smarter. My mother would require more mental handicaps than my father. Then my family and the family in “Harrison Bergeron” share similar parent strengths and weaknesses. Although in my family my mother is the intellectually…show more content…
In my family and the family in “Harrison Bergeron” the children cannot full expose their full potential due to handicaps in “Harrison Bergeron”, and in my family whenever my brother would try to use his full knowledge my dad would take it as being rude and disrespectful. Whenever the children try to use their full knowledge or potential they are punished. For Harrison in “Harrison Bergeron” his punishment was death. In my family my brothers punishment was getting ran out of the house. After my dad took a statement the wrong way he told my brother to get his stuff and move out of the house immediately. I never really talk to my brother that much because of
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