The Similarities Between Frankenstein And Bane

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Frankenstein and Bane are two people whose lifestyles are as common as they get. They both come from loneliness and only desire is to be noticed and loved. The two, seem as monsters on the outside, but in the inside they 're as pure as it gets. Frankenstein was a monster with numerous of emotions. People thought of him just to be a monster, but if you really knew him from the inside you would know it wasn’t true. He probably had more emotions than humans themselves. Frankenstein was just a clueless monster. All humans saw was a monster though, and this would lead frankenstein to actually become a monster. He was broken that his creator left him so he was confused on what he was. This, would lead Frankenstein to kill people who were close to his creator. Frankenstein didn 't know any other way to express his emotions. He seemed to only do bad things, but he helped a girl from drowning and helped out a group of poor peasants. His appearance was the biggest factor. He couldn 't change it, and couldn 't help that every time someone saw him they thought he was a monster. Being abandoned is something he couldn 't get over, but when his creator did die, it did bring joy to him after all Frankenstein…show more content…
The two relate to where they were both abandoned at a young age. Frankenstein wasn 't really young, but had the mind of a young child. Both, were left clueless and heartbroken, knowing there wasn 't anyone there to turn to or to love them. That caused most of the hatred that was inside of them. Another similarity they have, is that they both weren 't natural. Bane had a drug inserted in him causing him to be super strong. He wasn 't naturally that powerful. Frankenstein was built from scratch, so it 's clear that he isn 't natural at all. They both wanted revenge to a certain degree. Frankenstein wanted vengeance on his creator for leaving him, and for destroying the next monster he was building for Frankenstein to love him. Bane wanted revenge for taking his mother
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