The Similarities Between Frankenstein And The Creature In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the beginning the sight of his creation petrified Victor Frankenstein. As the novel progresses the relationship and the similarities between the Creature and Dr. Frankenstein become extremely obvious. They possess a need for knowledge which leads to extreme curiosity; which then lead to the creation of the Creature. They also both use nature to their advantage in many situations throughout the novel. The biggest similarity throughout the novel comes from the unending need for revenge. Both Dr.Frankenstein and the Creature possess many of the same interest including the want for knowledge, the use of nature and revenge on one another. Knowledge, a recurring phenomenon throughout the novel helps and hinders the Creature and Dr. Frankenstein.…show more content…
Dr.Frankenstein uses nature when he learns about the death of William and Justine. He runs to the mountains to lift his spirits and calm himself. Dr.Frankenstein uses nature to refresh his mind in times of confusion and to refresh his soul. He uses the mountains of Switzerland, the river in Germany and a tour in England. When Dr. Frankenstein needs to reset his mind, he uses nature to do so and by doing this it also changes him throughout the novel. The most famous part of Dr.Frankenstein using nature happens in the beginning of the novel when he uses lightning to give the Creature life. "I have always described myself as always having been imbued with a fervent longing to penetrate the secrets of nature" (34). Dr.Frankenstein wants to use nature to exploit life and wants to find out the secrets to immortality. He wants to know the meaning of life and how to live a successful life. He hopes that nature can help him find these secrets. The monster on the other hand, uses nature in a different way. He uses nature as a refuge and hides and learns from it. The Creature first experiences spring and it brings complete and utter happiness. It allowed him to feel less lonely in the world because of the new life around him that transcendent beauty. Sadly the humans the Creature came in contact with took the beauty out of nature, making the Creature, even colder than humans had already made him. Once the De Lacey's chased him
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