The Similarities Between Max And Max In Freak The Mighty

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In the book Freak the Mighty, there are two main characters, which are Max and Freak. Max is a boy who is very tall and big for his age and has learning disabilities. Most people are afraid of him because of the resemblance between him and his father, who is a criminal. Freak is a boy who’s real name is Kevin and has a growing disability. Because of this, Freak has to use crutches and leg braces to move and walk. However, he is very intelligent and knows words some adults have never even heard of. Max and Freak had seen each other since they were little kids, but they became real friends once Freak moved in next to Max 's house. When Freak rides on Max’s shoulders, they like to call themselves Freak the Mighty. They go on pretend quests together and use their imagination to create worlds that they can go through.…show more content…
At first, when they went to the same daycare, they only glanced at each other, and Max thought Freak’s crutches were cool but that was all they thought of each other. Later, once Freak moved in next to Max’s house, they got to know each other better, and they realized that they could be friends. Since Freak was smart but couldn’t walk around well, and Max was big and strong but wasn’t very smart, they realized that combined they were better than any person alone. That’s when they became Freak the Mighty. Freak rode on Max and used his intelligence to steer Max, and Max did what he was told because he relied on Freak. They have become good friends and they trust each other to keep each other
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