The Similarities Between The Aeneid And The Exodus

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Aeneas the passionate leader of the Trojans remained resilient when faced with adversity. This epic poem has transformed him from a military leader into an exemplary ruler. The Aeneid is a story that has given us a blueprint for the natural development of a leader. Throughout the trials and tribulations of Aeneas, he overcame his hardships and learned from them. Aeneas’ leadership was never called into question nor was his devotion to his people. In previous journal entries several connections to Aeneas and Moses can be made. There are also strong comparisons that can be made between both of the stories, the Aeneid and the Exodus. Both of these stories recount the founding of their new homelands: Rome and Canaan. Throughout both stories divine intervention took place and neither…show more content…
Both were efficient and effective leaders that when faced with adversity, they were able to conquer it. Aeneas encountered many problems on his journey that gave him the experience he needed to become a successful ruler. Throughout the Aeneid, Aeneas had the ability to remain focused on his main purpose, to found Rome. He did not let distractions interfere with his mission. In the final moments of Book 12 Aeneas is faced with a truly tough decision. Should he spare Turnus’ life or slay him for what he had done? In this final life moment, both triumph and revenge are simultaneously playing out. The triumph stems from Aeneas’ victory over Turnus. Thus symbolizing the completion of his mission. He has beaten his enemies and fulfilling his destiny to establish Rome. Also, Juno has given up on her hatred towards Aeneas and in beating Turnus he has won the hand of Lavinia. Juno has accepted the fact that she

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