The Similarities Between The Maoris And The Native Americans

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Firstly, let’s view the similarities between the Maoris and the Native Americans. To begin with, these two indigenous groups were similarly viewed by the settlers. They were considered negatively odd by the settlers. The Maoris were considered less bright. Hence, the English settlers generated violence that lead to massacres. They wanted to have control over the Maoris people themselves. Likewise, the white settlers thought the Native Americans were less intelligent because they couldn’t build proper houses, and so treated them as the inferior group in the society. Not only that, but both groups were taken advantage of in terms of land and trading. For instance, the Maoris’ officials would let the settlers have a piece of their land, in exchange for goods. Also, the Native Americans traded their lands for goods that the settlers had. The problem here is that both settlers traded small goods for larger pieces of land, with much greater value in terms of money. Not to mention, each group dealt with the settlers in similar ways. The number of the British citizens started increasing, and so the British government saw that the best way to reach a solution between them and the indigenous people was negotiating a formal agreement, and in that way, they will become a British colony. They signed a treaty (1840) stating that all the Maoris will own lands and have equal rights as British citizens. Just like the Maoris, the Native Americans (Wampanoag tribe) signed a peace treaty

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