The Similarities Of Harriet Tubman And Harriet Tubman

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The best examples of heroes may come from fictional stories but real life heroic traits often come from those fictional heroes. Some of these traits seem godlike but there are humans that hold heroic traits beyond what we can read about. Beowulf is a fictional character with superhuman strength that is fighting to save a group of people from multiple atrocious creatures. Harriet Tubman, on the other hand, is an African American slave who escaped from her master and ran an underground railroad to bring slaves to freedom. Although Beowulf is a fictional character and Harriet Tubman is not, they are both perceived as heroes that shared selflessness and leadership skills they used to accomplish their ultimate goals; saving peoples lives. The ultimate goal between Harriet Tubman and Beowulf was to save a group of people however, they both were fighting for different versions of freedom. Harriet Tubman was guiding runaway slaves to the northern states to set them free from harsh working conditions and abuse from their owners. Her goal was to make an impact in the lives of all African American slaves and their families. Harriet was not only thinking about the harsh conditions they were experiencing at the time, but also their futures. Even after the Civil War ended, she still advocated for the rights of minorities. In order to maintain secrecy she had to fight against being caught by bounty hunters and slave owners who would beat them if caught. To keep what she was doing
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