The Similarities Of High Culture, High And Popular Culture

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Every society, according to its construction, has a specific culture which is composed of human’s beliefs, attitudes, values, customs, society’s taboos and history. Culture implies the way of life of people, as well as the human development and also combines products of hard work such as intellectual statements and arts. Taking into account the “quality”, it could be categorized as high and popular culture.
The term “popular culture”, also known as low, could be defined as a culture embraced by the majority of the society. It has an ever increasing popularity and the media claim that this general support from the public comes out due to the fact that popular culture is produced “by the people and for the people”. The mass of the society adopts this commercial culture as it is the era’s lifestyle. Pop culture can easily be found in reality shows, fashion, new trends and new music genres, athletic events and much more events which are of interest to the general public.
On the other hand, “high culture” could be defined as a subculture supported by the upper class of the society, the well-known elite. The members of high culture, producers and consumers, have the power and the money as well to follow this way of life and ensure their longevity. The elite’s lifestyle, leisure activities, beliefs and interests differ by far from those who support the popular culture. High cultural way of life includes expensive restaurants, classical music, opera, renaissance arts, etc.

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