Differences: Similarities Between Hurricane Harvey And Hurricane Katrina

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INTRODUCTION Catastrophes affect humanity all the time but two of the most memorable in history are Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey. Hurricanes are first seen from the satellite. This means that the hurricanes are spotted right away, it gets predicted where its going to impact first and how strong it can be when it hits the ground. These hurricanes are extremely dangerous because of its high-speed winds it comes with and the amount of rain produced by them, this makes it worst because they can last for days. The two most recent Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina impacted differently, they both had fatalities, damages and occurred different years.
Year of Occurrence No sign of any catastrophe that was going to happen in 2017, until August 17, 2017 - September 2, 2017. (“Historic Hurricane Harvey 's Recap”, 2017) This is a date that will not be forgotten by millions of people. Uncertainty is what is left because it’s a long process of rebuilding, not only that but to see what used to be home now is gone and have to start from zero. After, the impact there is many rescues done as well as evacuations, the flooding caused massive destructions (“Federal report shows punch of last year 's Hurricane Harvey”, 2018). Another Hurricane that impacted U.S. was Hurricane Katrina which hit August 23, 2005 – August 31, 2005. The destruction was largely
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Then it took a turn and was going to the Gulf of Mexico, as it kept moving it would get stronger and would lower too. Then it kept advancing and landed on Mississippi, but it was not as strong but still caused damage. Directly after Mississippi it moved to Louisiana but not as strong but still a

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