Compare And Contrast Wozniak And Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the founders of Apple, shared many of their traits, but they differed in many others as well. Steve Wozniak started getting interested in electronics at an early age and thereby became a pure breed engineer. He always loved engineering and creating and his goal was never to make a big profit, but rather to amaze people by his designs. Ethics also played a huge role in Steve Wozniak’s life and his strong views on the topic were always apparent during his time at Apple. For example, when early apple employees were, in his opinion, treated unjust with regards to Stocks, he sold his own stocks for a below market price to them in order to make things right. Another example, where one can observe his strong views on …show more content…

For example, the decision to hire John Scully, a non-technical proven marketer, as the new CEO was controversial in the founding team, but Steve Jobs nevertheless went through with it, because he believed to gain more power. Another point where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak differ is their view of ethics. Compared to Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs appears as a scrupulous business man whose primary goal is to achieve personal gain and recognition. This gets visible when he lies to Steve Wozniak about the amount of money Atari paid him, as well as through his handling of the stock situation. Additionally, one can see that Steve Jobs wants to be regarded as the most important figure and creator at Apple, which is why he shuts off his Lisa team from the rest of Apple and make people working on Apple II feel like second class citizens. Lastly Steve Jobs is a persistent person, who always tries to achieve his goals and never gives up. One can observe this in his attempts to get venture capitalist funding as well as in his persistence with regards to his employee …show more content…

Firstly, the team composition was ideal, because on the one hand the team consisted of the pure breed engineer Steve Wozniak and on the other hand of the marketer with a good understanding of technology Steve Jobs. This made them highly effective as Jobs was able to understand the market and its needs and could then formulate the product requirements effectively to Wozniak. Additionally, the fact that they were close friends increased their performance even more, because they knew each other very well and could split tasks appropriately. As a side effect they would also stick together in times of hardship or problems. Later, was very important after Steve Wozniak found out that Steve was lying to him. This shows their difference in ethics, which is probably one of the biggest risks they faced, because many people might have quit in Steve Wozniak’s situation as Jobs was not conforming to his standards of ethics. Without any doubt is it always good to have several opposing views, as they enable founders to solve problems creatively, but in Apple’s case the opposing views might have come with a high cost. For example, they might have lost key employees if Steve Wozniak would not have handled the Stock problem or the lie about the Atari deal that gracefully. To conclude, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs made a good founding team as they managed to resolve

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