Satire In The Simpsons

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Due date: 29 November, 2014, 11:55pm IST
Satirical Commentary on Modern American Society
(Case Study - The Simpsons)
Through this term paper we are representing a sitcom about the average Ameri- can family,social and moral issues through unusual medium of animation. This show satirizes di erent aspects of modern American life from educational,political to religious and di er- ent aspects of society and social institutions like the basic nuclear structure of family using various comic devices like puns, violence and exaggeration, farce, parody, jokes ,gags and slapstick to make the Case Study satirical. The show mainly focuses on the dysfunctional family of the Simpson but also includes co-workers, teachers, family friends,
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 Modern family and its various features
Myth of happy family : TV shows including families which are highly rich, happy and have no major problems. The Simpsons satirizes on such contemporary shows. The
Simpsons shows a very normal family with many problems and emphasis its importance as the characters deeply cares about each other, showing that even a family like The
Simpsons is desirable.
Overbearing parents : Another episode of The Simpsons satirizes parents who push their children to succeed in athletics at the expense of good sportsmanship. Bart is a star hockey-player on one team and Lisa is the goalie on the other team. Their mother is making them repeat to play with sportsmanship when Homer barges in and asks them to ght for their parent's love.The timing as well as the use of 'family' to ght is in contradiction- it actually ridicules the parents pushing children to achievement.
Idea of a Perfect American Family : The Show satirizes the dysfunctional nuclear family, old school ideal family and state approved ideal and foster family.
Homer does not t the idea of an ideal father, he is portrayed as dumb, weak
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This exaggeration creates the satire here. Similarly, in Mr.Spritz goes to Washington, Krusty, running for seat in Congress, is defamed by his opponent by using clips of his show where he makes fun of people stereotypically(like
French stench). Ironically, Simpsons blackmail one of the politicians and inebriate the other key congressman to make Krusty win. Neither of the candidates really give a choice to the people because both are involved in these practices. This is what often happens in the real elections when voters often face a dilemma.
Immigration : The Mexican illegal immigrants in America were parodied in Coming to Homeric. They were symbolized by the Ogdenvillian neighbors who are doing stereo- typical things like lling up the public hospital, the bar Moes Tavern where Homer goes and even their jobs. They cause a reduction in the labor wages. This bene ts employers like Burns, Marge( for nanny) but the other workers are unhappy like Homer this is indeed one of the main causes of resentment which is satirized here .The anti-immigrant fanatics are targeted for education. But the immigrants are also celebrated - in Much
Apu about nothing, Apu is a valuable citizen because he has two degrees from US

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