Population Problems In Singapore Essay

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Problems & Complexities


The Singapore population problem in Singapore can be seen as a wicked problem. Wicked problems often has high behavioural complexities but often has low technical complexities. The population problem is very dynamic and rose because of many different reasons, most of which contributed by the behaviour of the very environment.

A very defining characteristic of a wicked problem would be that wicked problems have no correct or wrong solution. The Singapore population problem has no correct or wrong solution, since the implementation of the 2 child policy in the 1960s to the white paper published in 2014 to increase the population to 6.9million, we are still unable to exactly pinpoint the correct number for Singapore’s population. We are only able to, based on the situation at that certain point in time, determine an optimal number for the population in
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Because of her size, technical complexities would be largely due to where and how to house this growing population. Singapore has turned to land reclamation to increase her surface area.

Other than that, there is the challenge of building housing vertically upwards. The buildings in Singapore has been growing in height over the years in an attempt to increase the amount of livable space in each plot of land. Higher plot ratio. Limitations to this would be caused by the maximum amount of load each plot of land is able to withstand. How would engineers strengthen the foundation in order to build taller and heavier buildings on it?


Budget has to be allocated to increasing the population. Situations such as housing loan subsidy, education subsidies, medical and healthcare benefits, etc has to be taken into account.

Also, there is the issue with how much should the government be helping the people? Should foreigners also be in part of the budget allocated for the benefits of local Singaporeans and

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