The Sirens: A Short Story

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He had been under the water for ten minutes without air; his lungs were burning and he was about to combust from the lack of air,mind going dark starting to go to sleep. His energy was gone and there was no coming back up, but he suddenly got a burst of strength his body came back to life and he began to swim with all of his might, he swam so hard that he changed the tides of the water. Erkankten was finally free from the hurricane from which he was entrapped. The water was testing his strength and endurance to keep going, but Erkankten soon had to stop for the night he was exhausted from his fight against the currents and needed to sleep. As he began to drift off into a sleep he heard something enchanting; something that sounded like angels…show more content…
They are a female race that lives as long as they are in water. Sirens bodies are slender and beautiful much like that of a woman’s, but their head islike an angler. Sirens’ teeth are sharp and to a point, with big huge eyes, and a translucent exoskeleton. The sirens’ exoskeleton is bioluminescent and can light up on demand to attract their victims’. The sirens are cursed though they cannot kill anyone who has not committed a sin of lust. Since sirens have fish faces they sing to cause men to fall in love with them, when they kiss them the men are dragged down to the sirens hive. Sirens prefer to keep the men alive on the way down so during they continue to kiss the men until they reach the bottom of the ocean where their hive is located. The reason a siren keeps the men alive is because sirens like to eat their prey while it is still warm and if a siren eats the prey before it gets back to the hive then that siren will become the new…show more content…
He had swum into the tropics of the ocean; to where the leviathan had last been seen. The waters were rapid and the air was salty. The waters’ waves seemed to reach no end of height, but only seemed to get bigger. Erkankten had to swim back to the bottom of the ocean. As he swam the water began to get colder and darker, ice was beginning to form around him, but he kept swimming. Once he reached the bottom he saw a giant gate in the darkness. The brass gate opened and let Erkankten in. As Erkankten entered the dark lair he heard something in his mind, someone was talking to him through
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