The Sirens In The Odyssey And Atwood's Siren Song

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The Sirens are portrayed differently in Homer’s The Odyssey and Atwood’s “Siren Song.” Their use of diction is eloquently written with different tones and point of view. With this, they deliver two stories of the Sirens.

In The Odyssey, tone is extremely critical. Written in Odysseus’ point of view, the Sirens are creatures set to kill sailors. His frantic tone sets the image of the Sirens being monsters and villainous. In the Siren Song, it’s written through the point of view of a Siren. The Siren’s tone is cautious and informative as she explains the reason behind their song, which is a call for help and a longing wait for rescue. Through the two point of views, the Sirens are seen as evil then helpless.

In conclusion, the portrayals
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