The Sirens In The Odyssey And The Siren Song

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The sirens can be described as evil, creepy, and shameless. While the crewmen are scared. Odysseus is being tortured because he wants to go to the sirens to help, but there is nothing Odysseus can do about it because he is tied up to the boat. The painting communicates the idea that the crewmen are struggling and miserable while book 12 communicates the idea that Odysseus is a great leader. The poem communicates the idea that humans are stupid. Both "The Odyssey"and the "Siren Song" is a work of literature, however in "The Odyssey" the focus is on resolving the problem of the sirens, no different than any other obstacle. "The Odysseus" and the "Siren Song" both illustrate similar themes. Similarly, the sirens ask the victim to "help
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