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The Indian higher education framework is one of the biggest of its kind in the world. The Indian education framework has its roots in the system inherited from the British at independence in 1947 (Patil, 2007).The deterioration in the quality of higher education was a serious concern for all stakeholders, regardless of a number of built‐in quality controls, such as the University Grants Commission’s guidelines and the affiliating functions of the university, (Pillai & Srinivas, 2006).Hence quality assurance is the major concern in HEI’s . Various studies, researches and commission reports at official level has recognized the same and given recommendations for its improvement. Some of these researches are summarized below: Dimensions of Quality in Higher education Originally Quality was developed in the manufacturing industry. The adoption of quality control in a area of higher education has been superficial and weakened by the activity of academic freedom (Largosen, et el, 2004). Further, the existing culture of…show more content…
The stakeholders- the government, students and employers- duly benefited from information and evaluations of institutional performance. R Natarajan (2000) explains the significance of institution accreditation in encouraging the Quality Assurance of Technical education and demonstrated the indicators of student, faculty and institutional quality. Zbigniew Mrozek, Osei Adjei, Ali Mansoor (1997) stated that the philosophy of Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management are derived from the industrial and commercial practice and opined that greatest endeavor requirements to be employed from all the personnel and services involved in the process of the educational institution to make the Quality Assurance system worthwhile. Idrus (1996) described two approaches in implementing TQM in educational institutions viz, academic approach and strategic

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