The Six Levels Of Structural Organization Of The Human Body

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1. Even though the human body is incredibly complex, it does have an underlying less complicated organisation. Briefly describe the 6 (six) levels of structural organisation of the human body in order from the smallest structural unit to the largest (in 130-150 words). 1. Chemical level – this is the simplest level where it involves the building blocks of matter called atoms. Atoms link together in different patterns to build molecules that perform important functions of life. Molecules are combined to build cellular organelles which are called the inner organ of a cell. 2. Cellular level – which is the smallest unit of living matter (combined of cells). Every type of cells transmits various tasks inside the human body regardless of their common functions, each…show more content…
Organ system level – this is a group of organs that work together to achieve a common role. 6. Organismal level – this is the highest level of organisation that includes a cellular structure and can perform all physiological roles of the human body. 2. There are various life processes that tell us that human beings are alive. Describe the following life processes in your own words (in 30-50 words each). 1. Organisation – a human body contains many cells structured to keep individual internal component, where each component has its own responsibility to accomplish in collaboration with others. A single cell will die if it loses its coherence or organisation. 2. Metabolism – the catabolism and anabolism are the two different kinds of chemical reactions called metabolism that contributes in controlling the cells in an organism and converts the consumed food to energy to adapt some of it to sustain, function, build and uphold body structure. 3. Nutrition – nutrition is the course of taking food by an organism and consumption of food for energy. This is essential as it provides living beings to acquire their energy from diverse sources. Nutrients are the material which delivers

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