The Six Main Causes Of The Spanish Civil War

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The Spanish Empire was one of the greatest in the world, but after the Spanish-American War its last possession started to fade away. Now when the Spain had lost Philippines and Cuba her empire ceased to exist, Spain had also fallen behind in the industrialization process. Spanish society kept dividing into landowners and peasants. Extremist elements in society were increasingly popular, violence in politics was traditional and now and escalation to war was imminent. Spanish economy was in decline as its dependence on agriculture aggravated the effects of the Great depression on its production. Steel and iron production was hit hard as unemployment rose and wages were cut. Usually causes of civil wars can be sorted into three main streams, political, economic and social causes. However applying this in the Spanish civil war would be erroneous as the causes are scattered through time and many of them appeared as consequence of others. Therefore this essay centralizes on 6 main causes of the war which developed into other causes as political tension was building up. The six main causes of the war were the church and its power, the army and its influence, violence in Spanish politics, political changes, desire of autonomy in certain regions of Spain, and the failure of imposing strong ruling of the second republic.
The church was an essential element in the Spanish civil war. The church had enormous power and was
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The army was over-officered and had a 1 to 100 ratio of a general to poorly equipped soldiers. It had grown progressively conservative and supported right to extreme right movements. When Azaña came to power, the new government believed that the army was too influential in politics and it was time to decrease its

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