The Six Personality Types In RAISEC

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THE SIX PERSONALITY TYPES IN RAISEC :- RAISEC model defines the characteristics of individuals into 6 different personality types. The choice of a career is greatly influenced by number of factors including the personality type of an individual. Thus, a tool is invented that utilizes the personality type defined by RAISEC model. This tool, known as IAM, is a powerful instrument in determining the interests of a person and his inclination towards a particular career. Even more, the personality types defined by RAISEC model were renamed according to IAM tool. They are as listed below: a. Realistic is Industrious b. Artistic as Innovative c. Investigative is Investigative d. Social as Interactive e. Enterprising as Influential f. Conventional as Interpretative Here is a lowdown of the unique characteristics of each personality type along with the most suitable career options: Realistic: Realistic people are robust and rugged. Keeping it short, they are strong and unlikely to break. They are termed as 'DOERS '. That is, they excel in motor coordination skills. Such people are stable, natural and persistent. Further, they have a preference for concrete and abstract problems. Even more, they like building things with various tools. They are radical in their thinking and love working with powerful machines. Such people are, often, mechanically and athletically inclined. However, they are weak with interpersonal skills. Career Options for Realistic People The most suitable career
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