The Six Roles In The Film Dadi's Family

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The film "Dadi 's family" is about a family in Northern India. In the movie we are introduced to a family that consists of a big extended family living one one household. This film explores the idea of family and the roles that women play in the households. In the film we are introduced to six roles that are performed in the day to day household. The six roles exposed in the film would be the roles of daughter, mothers, mothers-in-laws, daughters-in-laws, sister-in-laws, and sisters. “Dadi 's Family” is dedicated to demonstrating how women in Dadi 's household fight to secure their status around the idea of the dominant patriarchal mentality which insists that females are the inferior caste. The dedication to the production of the film…show more content…
There are many ways in this film where we see women dependent and subordinate to male authority. To begin with, in the beginning of the film Dadi explains about the process of how women are traded off as braids. The tradition in India is that women at young ages are traded off as wives. What happens is that men and their families arrange marriages for these young girls who have no say in whether or not they want to proceed with being married. Whichever wive the man and his family chooses he gets. Women are told that they should feel lucky if a man chooses to marry them. We see an example of an arranged marriage in the film when we are introduced to Darshini, who is the first daughter in law and Sita who is the second daughter in law to Dadi. Darshini and Sita had arranged marriages with Dadi 's two sons. The process of Darshini and Sita being arranged into marriage is that both of the women were forced to leave their homes and start their new lives in Dadi’s home. Inside the household, the film shows some of the aspects of the daily lives of the daughter-in -laws. Daughter-in-laws are responsible for household chores, they have to work in the field, and as well are responsible for children. While the women were responsible for taking care of men and doing the household chores they were still criticized. Men expected women to perform labour in the fields, fetching water being expected at the end of the day to have water and food waiting for them at home. In result to women…show more content…
Although women are dominated and are have minimal control of their power and forced to believe that they are nothing without men, there are many ways in which women try gaining their power. In the film we see various ways of women exerting their back power. The first way we see women exerting their power is when we are introduced to the role that Dadi has within the family structure. Dadi is the main character in this film. Dadi is a mother-in-law in her extended family. Her role in the family is being "the manager" of the family. Being labelled as the manager of the family means that Dadi is the one who assigns day to day tasks to women in her household. She is the one who settles tough situation among her own daughters and daughters in law to maintain balance in their family. One of the biggest roles Dadi has within the family as a women which demonstrates that she holds power is that she is the one who is in control of the money. Dadi is the one who distributes the money and decides where and how the money is used. While holding such a big responsibility Dadi always makes sure the everyone within the family is always secured. For example, when someone needs a new pair of shoes, she manages to make sure that person 's needs are met. Within the household Dadi maintains harmony and solidarity by making sure the she treats everyone with equality. She does not see one lesser than the other. Another big role Dadi has as a women that demonstrates she has power is that she
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