The Six Steps In Making A Rational Decision-Making Process

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Decision making looks like a simple process but the decision made should be a rational decision. The process of rational decision-making favours logic and objective analyses over subjective insights. Making a rational decision by a company is a very important role in an organization. This is a systematic process of defining problems, evaluating decision alternatives and selecting the best alternative decision available in making a rational decision steps and processes. There are six steps and processes need to be followed by the organization when making the rational decisions. Defining the problem, identifying the decision criteria, allocating weights to each criterion, generating alternative solutions, evaluating alternatives and selecting the optimal decision are the six steps and processes when making the rational decisions. The first and foremost step in the decision-making process is to define the real problem that occurred in an organization. The manager responsibility and needs is to identify the real problem that occurred in an organization, the source of the problem and find out the way and proper solution to resolve the problem. For example, consumers stopped getting excited about new laptops years ago, and that same phenomenon is now happening in the smartphone…show more content…
Then, we should establish the decision criteria. The decision criteria should be refer to the standards or features that will be considered when making a decision. Since, the company has decided to produce new smartphones, what are the criteria that will be taken into consideration when producing the smartphone features. While one of the best smartphones available, offered little in the way of compelling new features. A faster processor, better graphics, and an improved camera are the factors that have become table stakes in the smartphone business, and features like water resistance are far from revolutionary are the decision

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