The Sixth Amendment: The Ideas Of The Bill Of Rights

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In 1787 the United States’ constitution was written, two years later the Bill of Rights was added. The Bill of Rights consists of ten amendments which were designed based on the American ideals to ensure that the federal government is not too powerful, and that it would protect the rights of the people or of the state. One of the most important amendments in the Bill of Rights is the sixth amendment which gives the people the right to enjoy a speedy trial when accused, and it allows the accused person to know the cause of accusation and who his accuser is. It clearly represents some of the American ideals such as: democracy, equality, and opportunity. The sixth amendment provides more requirements for a fair trial in criminal cases. The accused person has the right to enjoy a speedy trial but that does not mean that the trial will be done within two days but rather means that, "The country or state cannot make the person sit in jail for a very long time, for example 5 years, while they wait for their trial. This would be very unfair to anyone who is not guilty."; that was mentioned by the website This means that a person can not get punished for committing a crime the rest of his life, that would go against his right of pursuiting happiness. The sixth amendment also allows the accused person to know the cause of accusation and his accuser, and that leads to the second ideal which is opportunity or chance to defend oneself or even ask a lawyer to defend
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