The Sixth Grade Nickname Game

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"Wiley did have a secret title for Lisa: Soap Opera Adamson, or Soap for short." -page 6, The Sixth Grade Nickname Game. What is a nickname? A nickname is a a fake name you give someone for fun or for short. Nicknames aren 't alway positive, though. Many are also negative. People get the, because of their personality trait, what their hobbies are, or how they look. They can be negative if you 're making fun of someone. But the good thing is that they can be good. It 's better to give someone a positive nickname for fun and as a sign of friendship. In the book, The Sixth Grade Nickname Game, Jeff Greenbaum and Wiley Adamson gave a bland student Mike Smith, a nickname due to a bet. They called him Iceman. It didn 't describe his personality at all, but by the end of the book, it gave him confidence. This was because Iceman is a nickname for cool people. Mike learned that he could be cool, too. "Wiley protested. "Mike smith isn 't cool." "He might be," replied Peter. "He kind of is. He 's laid back."" You can also give a positive nickname to someone in a loving way, and nicknames don 't always have to be directed toward humans. My family comes up with multiple cute and fun nicknames for our…show more content…
There 's a bad side to nicknames, too. In the book, Charles Rossi didn 't like being called Snoopy. He acted mad, but he actually seemed offended. He said "Snoopy is a stupid nickname! A mean nickname! A dog 's nickname!" Another example of a bad nickname would be if someone was using it to make fun of you. For example, if you weren 't as good a singer as someone else, and your voice always seemed to crack, someone could be rude and call you "Cracky." It would probably hurt your feelings. You could also be called a mean name if you had a certain physical feature no one else did. Maybe if one of your eyes was just slightly bigger than others, they could make a nickname like "Googly Eyes," probably something you wouldn 't like. Most mean nicknames are to make
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