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The Sixth Sense is a supernatural horror movie of 1999, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. This psychological thriller has received various 53 awards nominations and has won 32. In additional, it was nominated in six various categories in the prestigious Oscar Award. This movie grossed about $672.8 million at the box office. Including the regular nominations in the cherished Oscar award of Actor and Director, this movie is also nominated in the technical aspects like - Screenplay and Writing. The movie featured by - Bruce Willis, Toni Collete, Olivia Williams and others. In general, the plot of the movie tells about a successful child psychologist, Malcolm Crowe, who is happy in both of his personal and professional life. On the other…show more content…
In additional, the unexpected and twisted ending of the movie makes more sense to their viewers. Even after completing the movie, the viewers' will still be imagining about it. "The Sixth Sense is one of the few genre films that truly discuss what horror really is, by filtering it through the experience of a frightened small child. Indirectly, it is also discussing misdirection, an all-important part of an illusionist's craft, in the form of the "magic trick" of hiding the plot twist. So the qualities of M. Night Shyamalan's signature film are evident. This analysis will be devoted to exploring some important aspects that one feels have received less attention", (Sødtholt, D.…show more content…
Like, when Malcolm is seen communicating with his wife at their room with the window open. Here we can observe that there is an amusing use of camera angle to present the interaction between the one living and another dead person. Interestingly, both are unknown about their realties. The symbol of the open window also can be represented as Malcolm is ready to leave for the other world. Also, there is a rich use of varieties of colors in the movie. Like, we can see that the use of red and black color adds suspense and thriller elements in the movie. Mostly, the characters in the movie can be seen wearing red color dress and when Cole gets thrilling experiences of ghost it is mostly shown under the red light. Some of the scene of darkness and low-light are also shown to further thrill the viewers. Mostly the picture of fear and terror can be seen through Cole's eyes. In most of the part of the film he can be seen scared and nervous. He is shown to be communicating mostly with the dead peoples and also, he is sandwiched between reality and fiction too. Even though this movie belongs to the horror genre and suspicious drama, it has kept its screenplay with in the boundary and limitations. Cole, who is a major child character in the film is the center of attraction for the viewer's due to his both intelligence and innocent portrayal in the movie. A camera work during the (50:38 minutes) of the movie where

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