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In “Teaching Skepticism via the CRITIC Acronym and the Skeptical Inquirer,” Wayne R Bartz shows that in regard to universally recognized unique claims, the sources attacking mainly students today are wealthy, the theories endless, and crucial studies is typically inadequate. The author supports the main idea by using the CRITIC Acronym and the Skeptical Inquirer. The acronym CRITIC is an arranged rational system of practiced serious logic. It is a uncomplicated form of the scientific method. The C in the acronym stands for claim which defines what is being determined. The R explains the role of the claim which conveys who is making the claim. The I clarifies the information that backs up the claim; it presents the evidence that helps the statement.…show more content…
It is wreathed in a genuine way to make it feel like felt when new. When the cloth becomes wet, it transforms into a soft leathery material. “They are like a towel, chamois, and sponge all in one,” states the ShamWow website. This product claims, “You will say wow every time you use the ShamWow.” Vince Offer advertises ShamWow; he evidently receives money for his advertisements maybe as commission. However, there is no evidence that demonstrates the declaration. Vince backs up their information by saying the ShamWow towels are created in Germany. He claims, “Germans always make good stuff.” In the advertisement, he tests the special towel on carpet. He spills soda all over the piece of carpet; then, he dries it up with the ShamWow. He proposes it is “machine washable and bleachable, will not scratch surfaces, and will last for more than ten years.” An independent tester, Harry Sawyers, claims the ShamWow product works. However, he also states, “Keep a roll of paper towels in hand, and do not expect to say wow every time you use it.” Patti S. from California, testifies, “ShamWow has a million uses around the house. I am using less paper towels than ever before, so I feel like ShamWow helps me do my part to protect the environment.” This product is nothing out of the ordinary; it makes perfect sense. However, more personal testing should be done. Most testimonials from the website are to praise the product rather than to say if it truly works or not. Many people also want to hear the weakness the product may

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