The Sky Tree Analysis

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Many cultures have different beliefs on how earth came to be. Native Americans shaped people 's society. They give individuals multiple views of how cultures have changed lives. The tribes Huron, Nez Perce, and Medoc share stories of their cultural beliefs. In “The Sky Tree”, “Coyote finished his Work” and “Blackfeet Genesis” all portrayed natural beliefs, complex religious beliefs and social values. “The Sky Tree” reveals beliefs about nature, complex religious beliefs and strong social value. “The Sky Tree” shows animals being involved in everyday life. All the animals including, “Beaver, mink, muskrat brought up paw full of soil and placed on turtle 's back until they had made an island”(20).The earth was formed from the animals. “The Sky Tree” also shows complex religious beliefs. After Old Man decided to cut the tree to survive he “cut the tree, it…show more content…
“The Blackfeet Genesis” convey beliefs about nature. Old man created animals and birds “ he was traveling from the south making people , fixing the world as we see it today”(24). Old man made everything and had to change some things and where they were located because they did not fit right into the environment. “The Blackfeet Genesis” also shows complex religious beliefs . When the woman asked about the laws of life he said “ if the rock sinks you will die if it floats you will stay alive forever”. Old man was giving her a chance to determine her fate in life and when she threw the rock into the water her life would have death in it. In “The Blackfeet Genesis” strong social value was betrayed. After the woman 's son dies she goes to old man to change the law, Old man say” Not so, What is made law must be law. We will undo nothing that we have done”(26). Old man is fair and laws can not just be changed because it affected a person personally. “The Blackfeet Genesis” explains the beliefs of nature, religion and social
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