The Sky Tree Summary

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The more and more one learns about the American Experience, the more one believes that nature is one of America's most valuable or most important assets. As a country that is strictly about a clean environment and keeping the people healthy you would think every person would care and respect the natural world. Yet so many people focus on the little things, they miss out on the beauty of nature and its active life. They don’t look at it as something that has always been there. In the two short stories, “The Sky Tree” by Joseph Bruchac and “Living like weasels” by Annie Dillard, more beliefs and opinions about how nature and its wildlife need to be treated with more attention and respect.
In Joseph Bruchac’s, “The Sky Tree” it is shown that in order to live a happy, meaningful life, one has to realize what's important to them and what keeps them going every day. In this story the author creates this imaginative tree that means the world to these
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In this story Annie Dillard shares her story about a weasel and how she likes the way they live and how she should live like them. “I would like to live as I should, as the weasel lives as he should” (Dillard 3), she says this because she’s in love with the way weasels live. Weasels kinda just do what they want, they live life as simple as possible. What the authors trying to say is that she doesn't want to stress or worry about little things that shouldn't ever be a problem, she just wants to live life in a forward motion. She doesn't want to worry about things that happened in the past, and just wants to live life as it is, like how the weasels live their life. The author teaches us that paying attention and caring for other things than just ourselves, can change our perspective on things and maybe even our life and entire way of
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