The Sky World On The Turtle's Back Analysis

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“The World on the Turtle's Back” contains some cultural beliefs similar and different to the bible's books of Genesis. First, they introduce us to the “unpeopled place” known as the “sky world” and the “sky people”. The “Sky world” is what they believed to be heaven. A beautiful place where the gods lived “who were like people-like Iroquois”. In both stories, it started with a heaven or “sky world”. Heaven only had 1 God, meanwhile the “sky world” had many different gods.

After they mention the sky world, the iroquois describe this Great Tree in the middle of the Sky World, similar to the The Tree of Knowledge in Genesis. Adam and Eve were forbidden to touch this tree as well as the pregnant woman and her husband were not allowed to touch the Great Tree. Anyone who touched the tree would be penalized.These two women were very similar as well, both of them violated the rules. The pregnant women fancied roots from The Great Tree, Eve wanted a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. They desired something that inevitably would disobey God and the “sky people”, and both did not end up well. The pregnant women fell down the hole and Eve got punished by God. The men, on the other hand, were different. Adam ate the apple despite the consequences. The husband “didn't like the idea” and “knew it was wrong”. Since his wife
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Both had a good brother and an evil brother. The right handed twin and Abel are the good brothers, meanwhile the left handed twins and Cain were the evil brothers. In “The World on the Turtle's Back” the twins competed against each other. Abel kills his brother because God preferred his brother's gift. The right handed twin killed his brother because “strangely enough, the grandmother favored the left handed twin”. Ironically, the “good sibling” kills the evil one. Both of the sibling represented good and evil in the world, and how they are both needed to balance the
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