The Slanderer: The Five Pillars Of Islam

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104: The Slanderer
This passage is probably about one or a few people in Mecca before Muhammad was exiled. During this time he was trying to convince people to only follow Allah. He was arguing against the polytheistic aristocracy of Mecca.This condemnation showed that salvation is not only about wealth. It is about good works and believing in Allah. This passage also shows that the Qur 'an is vehemently anti-lying. It also establishes hell as a place of punishment for those who have done wrong.
What can we learn about what is frowned upon in Islam based on this surah?
Who was the audience of this Surah?

It is interesting that most of this revolves around divorce and marriage. The laws seem to be largely fair to women. Especially at a
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Does this view contradict the view of a Christian?

Five Pillars of Islam The five pillars of Islam are guidelines on how pious Muslims should live their lives. The giving of alms is one of the best things in the Qur’an in my opinion, and underscores some of the humanistic aspects of Islam. The other pillars have to do more with religious practices like the Hajj, praying five times a day, fasting, and believing only in Allah. Although I also think fasting can be humanistic too because it could help on empathise with someone who is actually hungry and poor. It could also make one grateful for what they have.
Which of the five pillars speaks to you the most?
Based on these five pillars what do you think is something that is heavily emphasised in Islam?
This excerpt expands on one of the five pillars of Islam, zakat. Muhammad expands upon the idea of charity for those who have nothing to give. Muhammad says that good deeds and following Islam are also charity. Even actions as seemingly trivial as giving a thirsty dog water is looked favorably upon by Allah. The part about the prostitute being forgiven for giving the dog water is particularly interesting, because it seems to show that Allah does not only care about humans, but also cares about the wellbeing of animals. Which is a nice message against animal abuse. Actions like this being considered charity makes Islam more accessible for people who are destitute and also encourages good
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